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81% of Chicago parents report their kids get mostly A’s or B’s*.

But grades alone don't tell the whole story. Talk with your child's teacher about summer learning. Explore programs and more below.

*CARAVAN survey conducted by Big Village, March 2023

Chicago Summer Learning Programs

Program Type Radio

Offers high-quality learning programs that inspire learning, build community, and nurture joy

Aims to dismantle the barriers that prevent underrepresented students from immersion in STEM

Helps students build strong reading skills and a lifelong love of books through virtual resources

Provides diagnostic testing and intensive one-to-one tutoring in reading and writing

Offers out-of-school learning support with a certified teacher in-person or online

Provides free, unique math enrichment programs for 5th-12th grade students of diverse backgrounds

Offers collaborative, hands-on STEM education while positioning inventors as role models

Encourages girls to explore computer science by learning to code with hands-on real-world projects

Offers programs that blend literacy and math, creative/performing arts, sports, field trips and more

Connects students with the field of conservation and provides valuable work-skills and jobs training

Offers a free, nature-based science enrichment program that engages students in hands-on experience

Teaches students about finance, culture, and communications and places them in paid internships

Offers incoming 9th-graders the opportunity to get acquainted with with their new school

Invites students to help prepare, launch, track, and retrieve a scientific payload and share results

Aims to build a deeper pool of students pursuing computing and technology-related fields in Illinois

Brings together Chicago companies and organizations to offer employment and internship opportunities

Helps teens explore and develop their talents while gaining critical skills for the future

Aims to empower students to excel in school, become good citizens, and lead healthy lives

View a video highlighting one family’s story of getting their child the support they need in school.

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Did you Know?

Teachers say the #1 way to know how your child is progressing is to be in regular contact with the teacher (not relying only on classroom grades).*

*Parents 2019 | As the Stakes Get Higher for Kids, Why Do We Lose Parents?