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Nearly 80% of parents report their kids get B’s or better.

Yet, only half of students are at grade level.


Here are 3 ways to team up with the teacher to make sure your child is on track for success this year.

Ask if your child is on grade level

Have your child take this short Readiness Check to see how they are doing with grade-level math and reading skills.


Grades are only one part of the story. Ask teachers about different ways to know how your child is progressing such as ‘benchmark’ tests that help teachers guide instruction.

Be in the know about your child’s learning​

Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher About Reading and Math, and how to help at home. 


You don’t have to be a math or reading expert to advocate for your child. By knowing what and how they are learning in the classroom, you can support their success.

Continue to connect after conferences

Use this simple 3-step tool to follow up with your observations and questions.


Teachers say the #1 way to know how your child is progressing is to be in regular contact with the teacher (not relying on report card grades).

Check out one family’s story about the importance of going beyond grades.

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Did you Know?

Almost 9 in 10 parents think their kids are at or above grade level.* Yet, only half of students started the school year on grade level.**

*B-flation: How Good Grades Can Sideline Parents, Gallup 2023
**School Pulse Panel 2022-2023, Institute of Education Sciences (IES)