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83% of NYC parents report their kids get mostly A’s or B’s*.

But grades alone don't tell the whole story. Talk with your child's teacher about summer learning. Explore programs and more below.

*CARAVAN survey conducted by Big Village, March 2023

#GoBeyondGrades shares ideas and resources to help you:

NYC Summer Learning Programs

Program Type
Program Type Radio

Equips under-resourced and academically-struggling students with the skills needed for success

Inspires girls to excel as environmental scientists and learn about future careers in science

Encourages girls and gender-expansive youth to explore leadership skills and build a community

Provides students with year-round leadership, career exploration, and educational programs

Educates, activates, and inspires youth to take on critical issues facing our world

Provides positive recreational and educational programs to optimize personal growth

Educates and mentors underserved public high school students to and through college

Helps young men of color acquire financial independence and social mobility through code

Encourages girls to explore computer science by learning to code with hands-on real-world projects

Offers high-quality learning programs that inspire learning, build community, and nurture joy

Offers programs that blend literacy and math, creative/performing arts, sports, field trips and more

Blends lacrosse-based athletic activities with classroom-based ELA and math sessions

Offers thoughtful programs combining academics, arts and athletics with an itinerary of field trips

Offers a safe haven with programs in the arts, sciences, leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness

Encourages positive academic and developmental growth through stimulating outdoor programs

Engages students in academic enrichment, arts learning, and fun physical fitness activities

Combines academic and enrichment activities to foster a love of learning and positive relationships

Empowers girls of color with the know-how, experience, and confidence to dream big in STEM

Connects students with the field of conservation and provides valuable work skills and jobs training

Invites eligible students to participate in college prep workshops, STEM enrichment and SAT tutoring

Enrolls students in courses that earn college credit and provide academic enrichment

Provides intensive academic curriculum and enrichment activities for students in East Harlem

Helps children from marginalized communities learn necessary digital skills and build self-esteem

Nurtures academic and emotional growth through multi-year programming aimed at school completion

Provides math instruction above and beyond regular curriculum and improves problem solving skills

Brings high-quality STEM instruction to high-needs students in grades 2-10 across the city

Offers extended STEM learning opportunities for students who need a little extra help

Invites eligible students to participate in college prep workshops, STEM enrichment and SAT tutoring

Inspires female-identifying youth to be leaders in civic, political, corporate and community life

Teaches students about finance, culture, and communications and places them in paid internships

Offers rich summer experiences to offset summer learning loss and incorporates enrichment activities

Includes tutoring, study skills improvement, exam prep, character development, sports, and more

Helps young men develop crucial life skills while fostering emotional, physical and ethical growth

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Did you Know?

Teachers say the #1 way to know how your child is progressing is to be in regular contact with the teacher (not relying only on classroom grades).*

*Parents 2019 | As the Stakes Get Higher for Kids, Why Do We Lose Parents?