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About Go Beyond Grades

At Learning Heroes, we equip families and schools with tools, research, and training to foster meaningful partnerships and a shared understanding of student progress. And with Go Beyond Grades, we’re sounding an alarm.

Almost 9 in 10 parents nationally think their children are on grade level, despite a steady stream of data that tells a much more somber story of student achievement.

Where does this perception come from? Our research shows that parents rely on report card grades as the primary source of information, and the vast majority of parents (almost 80%), say their kids receive all B’s or better. While grades matter, they don’t tell the full story.

Teachers say the number one way for parents to know how their child is achieving is to ask the teacher. So, we’re asking parents to go beyond grades by exploring the free tips and tools on this site (in English and Spanish), and by teaming up with their child’s teachers.

When parents know, they act. It’s time to go beyond grades and team up on behalf of our kids.

See the press release here.

Thank you to our Supporters and Partners

National and Local Funders:

Citadel founder and CEO Ken Griffin and Griffin Catalyst (Spring and Summer 2023, Fall 2023)

Overdeck Family Foundation (Spring and Summer 2023)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Spring and Summer 2023 & Spring and Summer 2024)

Clear Channel Outdoor (in-kind support, Spring and Summer 2023 & Spring and Summer 2024)

The Opportunity Trust, St. Louis (Fall 2023)

Sid W. Richardson Foundation, Tarrant County, TX (Spring and Summer 2024)

National Partners:

National PTA, National Urban League, Univision, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, UNCF, National Summer Learning Association, and Understood.